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Participate in the Intermodal Network Pavilion!

AIMAS at Expotransporte Expologísti-K 2024 in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Your opportunity to show, learn about and capitalize on the Intermodal business

Important information!

Fundamental opportunity to connect with international business experts in intermodalism. In its own pavilion, AIMAS will organize intense networking between companies, the public sector, givers, suppliers within the framework of Expotransporte – Expologísti-Kplus institutional activities in an auditorium and stand offered by Expotrade, organizing firm of both fairs. 


Complete the form to participate, and we will accompany you towards the Networking of the Intermodal Pavilion in Network


With an office for special meetings, along with 7 living rooms equipped for intense and constant networking, AIMAS will relate actors favoring public-private meetings, convening different protagonists from Argentina, the Region and the Continent, providing adequate infrastructure so that the meetings can take place. produce in an atmosphere of work and agreements.

Within the same busy business agenda, AIMAS will include external activities and meetings on the 12th and 16th in the City of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas.

Climate of intermodal opportunities

North America’s experience in Intermodalism and the strong demand for better and new logistics corridors in South America need alliances for this Transportation Economy to flow.

Since January 2023, AIMAS has built an intense international agenda, informing and motivating business and institutional actors from Mexico and the United States so that in the second half of 2024, conferences, business missions and, especially, an intense face-to-face meeting in which the actors Concrete more and better intermodal businesses.

Meetings, alliances, business in intermodal promotion

Once again, the Expotrade Organizing Firm of the Biannual Expologísti-K – Expotransporte Fair that will be held on August 13, 14 and 15, 2024 at the La Rural fairgrounds in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires invites us to organize a new challenge to spread intermodalism in South America, so we have developed a:

Auditorium and Stand

Expotrade will have a common auditorium plus a stand for the sponsors of the Intermodal Network Pavilion.

The protagonists will give conferences and discussion tables in the auditorium to share everything about intermodalism with the professionals and businessmen participating in the important International Fair.

At the specially provided stand, sponsors will be able to provide their information and the staff will be able to assist those interested.

Regions and sectors of interest

The call to the business community will be directed towards interests in logistics, transportation, infrastructure, corridors, railways, shipping companies, ports, airports, automotive, airline, suppliers, suppliers who, with intermodalism, will be able to realize their demands and opportunities.

The agenda will focus on sectoral living rooms:

Living Patagonia

Living Pacífico – Pampeano – Atlántico

Living Silver and Atlantic Basin

Living Capricorn

American Continental Living

Living Amazonia – Pacific – Caribbean

Living Providers and Givers

In addition, the area will have a room for exclusive meetings for up to 8 people.

All sectors will have catering service, table and chairs, armchairs, electricity and WiFi.

Sponsors and participants will have opportunities for communication and projection of their information on the AIMAS and Pavilion networks, as well as reports and dissemination of their products and services throughout the campaign from June to August 2024.

Your agenda starts the moment you subscribe

So that those attending the Intermodal Network Pavilion see their objectives fulfilled beyond what was expected, the Directors of AIMAS and the organizations with which the Association maintains a firm alliance for the development of Intermodal Culture, will accompany them from the moment of your subscription to strengthen the agenda of meetings and interests that you indicate.

U$S 12.000 – $Arg 10.000.000

Agenda open from subscription – Featured advertising – 5 Participants – Technical visits – Farewell dinner – Advertising on videos, screens, borders, web.

U$S 7.200 – $Arg 6.000.000

Open agenda – 3 Participants – Technical visits – Farewell dinner – Advertising on videos, screens, panel, website.

U$S 3.600 – $Arg 3.000.000

Up to 30 interviews – 2 Participants – Technical visits – Farewell dinner – Advertising on videos, screens, web.

Up to US$1,200 / US$600 / US$120 or its equivalent in Argentine Pesos

Limited participation in business meetings – Brand presence options on the Pavilion website and on screens – Options for visits and receptions.

Up to U$S 12,000 / U$S 7,200 / U$S 3,600 or its equivalent in Argentine Pesos

Depending on the contract, logos will be positioned in the Pavilion, presence in videos of institutional reports and messages, and presence on the Pavilion’s website. Permanence in online videos.

Characteristics of the services provided by the Pavilion and your participation

Meeting agenda: The AIMAS team will provide a meeting agenda for each Sponsor and Participant according to the category they choose and, from the moment of their subscription, the organization will seek to keep them informed of the opportunities, will answer their questions and will seek to bring those interested closer together. each other.

Presence with fixed advertising: Location of your logo on the border of the Pavilion and on the walls.

Presence with advertising on screens and in the media: Institutional videos will be broadcast from now until the event (and will remain on the AIMAS networks) and, depending on the subscribed category, its logo will be published alternatively in them. On the screens arranged in the Pavilion, institutional videos and sponsor logos will rotate. Those who contract advertising and the Participants, depending on the category subscribed, will also have distribution possibilities.

Institutional videos: From July 2024, AIMAS will produce interviews with key actors, participants and sponsors, in which the firms’ logo will be present.

Presence on the Web: Depending on the subscription, logos will also be available on the Pavilion’s Web and on screen plinths.
Personalized assistance: From arrival in Buenos Aires until departure, depending on the category and services contracted, sponsors and participants will have personalized assistance via telephone and contact email.

Reception and farewell dinner: Depending on the contracted services, attendees will be able to participate in a reception on Monday evening, August 12, and a dinner at the close of activities on Thursday the 15th.

Technical visits: The offer of technical visits and meetings between August 12 and 16 will include ports, logistics centers and intermodal centers located around the city of Buenos Aires and its Metropolitan Area. Transfers will be available.

Other activities: For both Sunday, August 11 and for the afternoon of Friday the 16th onwards, AIMAS is organizing an agenda that will include a business trip to an area of Argentina where investments in transportation are planned.

Hotels and transfers: Starting next July 15, we will inform each attendee registered at the Pavilion of the accommodation, transfers, tours and activities available and suggested. A team of tourism specialists is preparing options tailored to those interested.


Complete the form to participate, and we will accompany you towards the Networking of the Intermodal Pavilion in Network

Interested organizations:

AIMAS – Asociación Intermodal de América del Sur

CUIT 33-71609939-9 – Matrícula 44.916 – Organizada: 27/5/2017 – Fundación: 4/12/2017

Alsina 19 6to piso Of. 9/10 – (B8000IHA) – Bahía Blanca – Buenos Aires – Argentina

Cel. solo mensajes: +54 9 11 2191

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